K-12 Tutoring

Our devoted instructors guide students in gaining a deeper understanding of an academic subject area, completing homework and preparing for upcoming tests across most K-12 content areas including English, Math, Science, World Language, and History. 

Tutoring Sessions

Online Tutoring

Specialized Tutoring


Tutoring Sessions



Tutoring is one-to-one (1 tutor, 1 student)

Tutoring sessions are 60 or 80-minutes

Package rates can be found here 

Packages last one year from date of purchase

Students may use sessions for multiple subjects

Siblings may share a package of sessions


Online Tutoring


With today's busy schedule, we offer online tutoring as an alternative to in-studio tutoring. Online tutoring has been proven to be as effective as in-studio tutoring. Often, students will participate in one online session, and decide to continue with it exclusively. 

From the comfort of home, students use Google-Hangouts and work over a shared Google Doc with an instructor. Students are provided with a DWTP gmail account, password, and a basic set of instructions. Before the session takes place, students are encouraged to email assignments, prompts or rubrics to the instructor. 

Online tutoring works across all subjects!