Academic Tutoring

Our tutors help students foster understanding, complete homework and prepare for upcoming tests across most K-12 content areas including EnglishMath, Science, World Language, and History. If a student is overwhelmed and behind in school, we specialize in getting him or her back on track in one week by corresponding with teachers, setting short terms goals and monitoring progress.

Tutoring Sessions

Online Tutoring

Specialized Tutoring


Tutoring Sessions

  • Tutoring is one-on-one (1 tutor, 1 student)
  • Tutoring sessions can be 60-minutes or 80-minutes
  • Tutoring sessions are sold in packages ~ $45 - $49/hour
  • Packages last one year from the date of purchase
  • Students may use sessions for different subject-areas
  • Siblings can share a package of sessions


Online Tutoring


Online tutoring is surprisingly simple and effective. The student and tutor use Google-Hangouts and work over a shared Google Doc. 

Students use and are provided with a password to the email: Before the online session, the student may share any word doc or assignment rubric with this email. 

Online Tutoring benefits:

  • Avoidance of transportation issues
  • Late-night, same-day booking emergency tutoring for Spanish, English and Math - just text 919-928-2999


Specialized Tutoring

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College Application Tutoring

Primer Session—Take a breath. You’re going to be okay. Begin with this single FREE session before starting any package. This session is for parents alone or parents with their child. We will address your concerns about the process of getting into college, and put together the plan for your success.

  • THE PERSONAL ESSAY COURSE: College Application Personal Essay Package -- 5 sessions/60 minutes;                 Cost: $450.00                    

  • THE FULL COURSE: College Application Personal Essay & Counselor Brag Sheet & Teacher Brag Sheet -- 9 sessions/60 minutes; Cost: $775.00

  • The MASTER COURSE: College Application Personal Essay & Counselor Brag Sheet & Teacher Brag Sheet & Short Answer Questions $999.00

 Start 2 months before college deadlines

End the Overwhelm of Applying to College

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We tailor our approach differently for each student in regard to the EOG/EOC/ISEE exams. We typically have students complete a small diagnostic test, and we encourage parents to bring any prior testing evaluations, to better enable us to build the student's skill set. Our tutors:

  • Teach reasoning strategies when confronted with tricky math problems;
  • Build the student's vocabulary with the use of root words as well as common associations to analyze unfamiliar words; 
  • Show strategies on how to break down passages in reading comprehension; including, chunking, highlighting and annotating, as well as distinguishing between detail and inference questions;