Our dedicated instructors build a student's ability to succeed on the ACT or SAT by teaching test-taking strategies, math and verbal content knowledge and by providing excellent guidance on how to perform well on each test. The sessions are devoted to providing feedback and guidance based upon the students' performance on each practice test.

SAT/ACT Course

Private Tutoring

SAT/ACT Program Coordinator


SAT/ACT Course


SAT/ACT Course: The course is designed to support students in both skills and test strategies. The last class is scheduled a few days or a few weeks weeks prior to major ACT or SAT test dates. The skills needed to do well on either exam, ACT and SAT, are mostly similar, so the course is designed to prepare students for either exam. Practice tests and reference materials are provided by the studio.

  • Dates: Saturdays, February 1st - March 7th

  • Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • Cost: $499.00

Results: Students get an average improvement in their scores of about 3 points on the ACT and 200 points on the SAT – more for some and less for others. Improvement depends on various factors, especially a student’s effort; more practice and higher-quality practice usually means a more substantial improvement.



SAT/ACT Private Tutoring

SAT/ACT Private Tutoring enables our instructor to tailor his teaching to the needs of each student, whether it be testing strategies, understanding each test's similarities and differences, math content, verbal content and/or a mix. 


The Starter Six Program (6) 80-minute sessions for students who are starting their SAT/ACT Prep and will take the test for the first time. ($660)

The Perfect Six Program (6) 80-minute sessions for students who have already taken the SAT or ACT and wish to raise their score. ($660)

The Elite Six Program (6) 80-minute sessions for students who have scored at least a 1300 (SAT) and 32 (ACT). ($660)

  • Six practice tests & reference materials provided

  • Student/Parent create-your-own schedule

SAT/ACT Program Coordinator


Very helpful and effective SAT tutor!!!! Being a student who had quite high scores already on the SAT and wanted to bring them up just that bit higher, I've had tutors before that weren't able to help me improve and simply had me sit there and do practice tests without offering much help or greater insight into the test. Ken was not one of these tutors. He was very good at figuring out what I needed to improve upon and remember during the test, and it never felt like I was wasting my time with him. I just took the SAT again this week and multiple times during the test, I found myself facing problems I was sure I wouldn't have been able to do had it not been for his tutoring. Well worth the time and the money, for certain. Overall excellent!!

Ken Paille has been an SAT/ACT instructor since 2001. He worked for Kaplan Test Prep over the course of five years; additionally, he served as an instructor at Fisher College and Wake Tech. Ken holds a master’s degree from M.I.T.

He is the creator of a suite of SAT/ACT content workbooks as supportive materials he believed would benefit his students.

Ken has been a math, reading and test prep instructor with Dance with the Pen, K-12 Tutoring since 2016.


Excellent fit for my kids and encouraging Tutor. Ken helped my somewhat reluctant children become more enthusiastic about studying for their SAT. He provided pre-work and was very organized. He has a good methodology for specifically helping my children prepare for their upcoming test.

Great tutor for my son. Ken did a great job of preparing my son for the ACT and SAT. He communicated extremely well with both of us after each tutoring session, letting us know what they accomplished in the tutoring session and what my son needed to work on. I strongly recommend him!