Enrichment takes our students beyond the classroom and builds their foundation of understanding in particular skills such as reading comprehension, writing and math. Enrichment allows younger students, not only to be presented with new content and ideas, but to also practice and re-visit topics learned in school or fill in potential gaps.

K-5 Enrichment Class

Lead Math Instructor

Reading Specialist



K-5 Enrichment Class


The K-5 Enrichment Class primarily centers on building younger students' Reading, Writing and Math skills. Students focus on Reading & Writing enrichment for the first part of the class, and on Math, for the secondary portion.

For Reading: students learn reading strategies, engage in passage analysis, and build their overall reading comprehension.

For Writing: students develop on and connect with a passage and/or prompt presented in class.

For Math: working on and understanding math homework is the emphasis.

Dates: Thursdays; 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Cost: $25/class per child or sibling pair



Lead Math Instructor


Our Lead Math Instructor, Maria, co-designs and teaches our K-5 Enrichment Class that centers on building younger students' Reading, Writing and Math skills.

While the class naturally prepares students for end-of-grade testing, the content of the class is designed with the purpose of capturing student interest and getting students excited about learning.

Maria holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics from UNC and has been teaching for five years.




Reading Specialist

Our Reading Specialist, Stephanie, is our lead designer of the K-5 Enrichment class.

She creates engaging lesson plans for the class and currently, is writing a series of K-5 Reading & Writing Enrichment workbooks to be used in the class.

Stephanie holds an MA degree in English and an MFA degree. She has over 10 years’ experience teaching elementary aged and high school students.