Enrichment takes our students beyond the classroom and builds their foundation of understanding in particular skills such as writing and math. The foundation we build will facilitate and enhance our students' academic performance in school in the present and the future.

K-5 Enrichment Class

Small Group

Writing Program



K-5 Enrichment & EOG Prep Class

The K-5 Enrichment & EOG Prep Class centers on reading strategiespassage analysis, and reading comprehension (30 minutes).

Then, students work independently with teacher support on Math homework & Math strategies (30 minutes).

Cost: $25/class per child or sibling pair

When: Every Tuesday, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Small Group

Small group instruction creates a classroom setting for students, which is familiar, while still allowing the tutor to scaffold, instruct and devote a considerable amount of personal attention to each student. The tutor and parents keep an ongoing dialogue and open communication in terms of what content is to be taught or reinforced. The cost for small group sessions are $35 per student, per group session. Students are provided with all materials by the studio. 



Writing Program

Students are writing more than ever across all subject areas. From elementary-age students to high school students, they are all expected to conduct research, use evidence to support a claim, and to recognize how an author implements literary devices and/or rhetorical devices to get his or her point across. At our studio, we model and teach students to succeed in all levels of writing.

 Writing Program Provides Support in: 

  • How to WRITE about a story you READ
  • How to write a 4-6 sentence paragraph
  • Hand-Writing practice
  • How to recognize and write according to a specific text structure: Compare & Contrast/Sequence/Cause & Effect etc.
  • How to write a 5-paragraph essay
  • How to "start" any written assignment
  • How to write a Research Paper
  • How to write one's College Personal Statement

      Specifics (for high school students):

  • How to analyze literary/informational text
  • How to make Text-to-self, Text-to-text, and Text-to-world connections
  • How to cite sources; citing vs. paraphrasing
  • How to craft an essay; steps that make up the Introduction, Body, Conclusion
  • How to make your persuasive voice shine
  • How to implement a counter-argument to highlight your own argument
  • How to identify and/or use rhetoric; pathos, logos, ethos, among many more
  • How to hook your reader
  • How to formulate a thesis statement
  • How to format your essay in MLA format
  • How to use strong evidence and discard weaker evidence